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Small Town Novel

I was at Graffiti's playing with Beefknuckle, and after the show I met a guy at the bar... Talk came around to movies and filmscripts and the small town vibe. This song, demoed at home a few years ago came to mind.

(Added Jan 1, 2011, a.k.a. 1-1-11)

Blind Willie McTell

At the 10th Bob Dylan Tribute I played this lesser-known cover of Dylan's for the first time--on stage or off--and I'm glad Adam Faux was there behind the board, making us sound good and recording the music.

(Added June 2010)

Moon on My Side

Not a new song, but a new performance of it. Recently performed at the Free Times in May 2010 and recorded by Taras Petryk. A perennial fave, recently returned to the repertoire by request.

Words and Music © Noah Zacharin (added June 2010)

night (and there's nothing whole)

Recorded at the now defunct Holy Joe's one "Groovy Monday" a while ago. Musings on the night life... New and moodily elaborate version to be released real soon on the just-mastered new record. On Nov 27, 2015 I say: "coming real soon" and mean it.

Words and Music © Noah Zacharin (added Feb 2010)

Red Red Bird

Another home demo--by popular demand. This tune has been recorded in a Spanish version on Laura Fernandez' beautiful CD Un Solo Beso, and more recently on Rehan Dalal's sparkling EP This Too Shall Pass. Coming to an official NZ recording someday soon. Until then, enjoy...

Words and music © Noah Zacharin (added October 09)


Yet another home-recorded demo. May have performed this once. Playing an old Martin O-18 in Nashville tuning.

Words and Music © Noah Zacharin (added May 09)


Another home-recorded demo for y'all. This one was written a few years back when things in the news were bleak (well I guess they're always bleak, but this time I was moved to write about it...) If anyone can show me how it's played I'd be most grateful--might get it back on stage where it once (and once only) was.

Words and Music © Noah Zacharin (added Jan 09) Interview June 5, 08

Here's a downloadable of a recent interview on Hugh Reilly, Daniel Katz, D'Neece, Brock Simpson in attendance. Live performances at 13:40, 24:55, 33:02, recorded ones at 38:39 and 42:09.

Ten Tons of Road

Recently got the opportunity to play in my hometown on the bill with Bruce Murdoch. Despite a sterling reputation as Montreal's primo songwriter, over 2 decades ago Bruce decided to pack it in and move out West, giving up performing. He started up again this summer, and on Jan 4 at Sala Rossa gave his first show in Montreal after all that time. In front of 250 the big circle was closed. I did my set and played guitar on his first set; Ron Bankley played the second one. Big joy in Mudville that night. Thanks to Steve Goldstein for the recording.

Words and Music © Noah Zacharin

Declare Your Love

I wrote this song on Valentine's Day a few years ago for someone whose heart was breaking. Recently I attended a funeral in NYC of a very dear friend. It was a tragic death, mourned by many broken-hearts. On the plane home the song came into my head and I decided to share it. Performed only once, this song (presented in its original demo form with, suitably enough, a bad ending) is for Freddy, alav ha'shalom--the best drinking partner, and the kindest, funniest, most creative man I have ever been privileged to call 'brother.'

Words and Music © Noah Zacharin

Wood and Wire

Here's a song I demo'd at home a few years ago, that was written on a guitar that belonged to the late wife of a friend of mine. It's never been performed, and like the guitar bought after it sat for years in a closet in California, the song now craves the light.

Words and Music © 2007 Noah Zacharin

In the Heather (live on CIUT)

On Nov 8, 2007 I was invited, along with Gregg Lawless and Francis Fougere onto Steve Fruitman's show, Back to the Sugarcamp to help out on the fund-raising edition of the show. Steve is a knowledgable DJ and a big supporter of music, so I was honoured to participate. I was also pleased that by hour's end we had received more pledges than he had targeted. Thanks to the listeners and diallers/pledgers. Somewhere mid-show I played one tune live. For those of you who prefer your music raw (and are willing thereby to forego the lush violins of John Showman and rich textures of Kelly Hood's uillean pipes and tin whistle on the recorded version) here's a live version of 'In the Heather.' Enjoy.

Words and Music © 2007 Noah Zacharin

Temporary Like Achilles

One of Dylan's 1000 masterworks. Every year at the Free Times Cafe Ryan puts on a Dylan tribute night. I've played many of them, enjoyed them all. This performance (recorded on Ry's Minidisc) is circa 2004, with the great George Meanwell on cello.