Noah Zacharin has won the Chester-MacNaughten poetry prize and the Matrix Translation prize and is a widely published poet, translator, and critic. His work has been broadcast on CBC Radio, appeared in journals such as Poetry Australia, Malahat Review, Canadian Literature, and been widely anthologized. He has also been translated into Hebrew by Moshe Dor and published in Ma'ariv and Ha'Aretz, the largest circulation dailies in Israel. After a lengthy hiatus from the coal-mines of the poem, he has begun brief incursions back into that world of the well-planned line-break, and will post pieces on an occasional and ad hoc basis. Look for collections in the future...


Been poking around my computer looking for some poems to offer. A simple love poem seems as good a place to start as any. (Added May 2011).

©Noah Zacharin

Tercets for Romeo

Added the night of composition (Nov 2010).

©Noah Zacharin

Lilacs in May

It's coming, it's coming. A poem about the impending season... (Added March 2010)

©Noah Zacharin


Found this on my computer when I went looking for words to send a friend who'd asked for some. Probably still needs a tweak or five and a little grease, but I'm content to have it out there like this for now. (Added Feb 2010)

©Noah Zacharin

when I live upriver

A thought based on my current search for water, stone, and air...

© Noah Zacharin

the truth

Here's the latest version of one of the newest pieces I'm working on. A bit of a nod to Montreal poet/genius Peter Van Toorn whose poem 'The Cattle' is one of the finest 'list' poems ever. Check him out... Revisions on this one still to come...

© Noah Zacharin

what did you do with it

Toronto-based writer and singer Louise Simpson has published two collections of poetry by folks she knows, and I was honored to be included in one of those collections. This is a reproduction of a poem she published in one issue of her lovely creation 'Avid Hands'. Thanks Lou...

© Noah Zacharin

schoenberg's cat

Credit where credit is due. First in a series.

© Noah Zacharin