Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

studio producer & Player

Zacharin loves the studio. I've produced 8 CD's of my own work, been involved in a number of collaborations, and produced/performed on some 60 CD's by other artists throughout North America. I'd love to be involved in your project. Obviously I play acoustic guitar...but I also play various electric guitars, baritone, mandolin, Weissenborn, and bass, and I also sing harmony. I can provide tracks via the internet, or arrange for you to work in Toronto in any of the wonderful studios to which I'm connected.

Rates are reasonable and tailored to your project.

Ultimately there is the smallest subset of guitarists who have the chops to play whatever they feel and the musical talent to deliver simply beautiful music at the same time.  Noah is in the latter category. Whether it’s his own tunes or he’s accompanying other performers, whenever he plays I sigh with pleasure. Yes, he’s that good.  He’s not just a guitarist, but a wonderful musician, period.

Grit Laskin

Guitarist and Luthier

Noah is an immaculate and brilliant guitarist with a creative touch that is unmatched. He is well prepared and adds a special touch to a track that cannot be learned. I highly recommend Noah for your acoustic recording needs!                                               

Harrison Fine

Award-Winning Record Producer (NOW Magazine). Audio/Mix Engineer. Toronto, ON

Noah Zacharin is an all-round gem of an artist, songwriter, guitarist, and studio instrumentalist/vocalist.  With musical talent beyond words, his supportive, intuitive, and versatile nature makes him extraordinary to work with. Projects are always satisfying, and stay true to the artistic vision.


Singer-songwriter, producer, 2017 WCMA Children's Artist, 2016 Juno-nominated, 2015/2017 CFMA-nominated

house concerts

Zacharin goes where the performance is. One of my favorite situations is the house concert: an intimate gathering of your friends and neighbors with whom you wish to share music you love--which I hope includes the music I make. I am eminently comfortable making eye contact with each listening human...

For those unfamiliar with the 'why' and 'how' of House Concerts, many online resources are available--this one--for example.

If you don't have a sound system, I will provide all needed equipment. 

Noah Zacharin is a world class song writer and performer, and a virtuoso of the acoustic guitar. His work is both prolific and profound. Whether it is an intimate room, or a large theater, Noah Zacharin is among the most engaging, witty and entertaining performers I have ever heard. I highly recommend him.

David Plank

Factotum Communications, Toronto, ON

Music without borders and lyrics without boundaries filled our back lawn as Noah Zacharin played guitar and sang.  His poignant lyrics and stunning guitar-work captured the audience and held them throughout his performance.  The intimate setting created an environment perfect for this wonderful singer/songwriter to display the subtle nuances of his work.  What an extraordinary afternoon of masterful guitar and perceptive lyrics!  A performer not to be missed!                                       

Sue & Bruce Andrews

Cot and Crackers House Concerts, Schuyler Lake, NY


Skype guitar lessons

Zacharin loves teaching guitar, with a focus on players with moderate to advanced skills. In this role I am a problem-solver, helping the individual overcome obstacles to creativity, presenting alternative ways of seeing the process, and examining options the guitar (an instrument that is a marvel in its infinite possibilities...) can present. I'm happy to teach in my home. With Skype, dress is casual and no one has to tidy up. Rates are competitive and lessons are 100% individualized to YOU and your needs.

Noah is an inspiring outside-the-box teacher who challenges intermediate and advanced guitar students to explore and expand their songwriting and skill set, with a strong focus on varying methods to musically convey mood and feeling using rhythm, percussion, intricate finger picking, and dynamic emphasis as emotive tools. 

Sohayla Smith, Singer/Songwriter/Artist

Song Writing & Guitar Workshops

Zacharin is an experienced workshop leader. I've given workshops in guitar, songwriting, and poetry, in libraries, high-schools, colleges, and at festivals. I have written songs with elementary school students, and directed poetry workshops for university students. I offer a number of programs, and would be happy to send an outline once you let me know who I'll be teaching and what they might be poised to learn.

The students responded favorably to him and to his original music. Noah is insightful, articulate and expressive. The students benefited greatly from his workshop.  

Louis Lefaive

Head of Music, Elmvale District High School, Elmvale, ON

Noah Zacharin struck a very positive chord poetically & musically with my students. He has an ease and an openness about him to which the students could relate. He combined charm and knowledge to convey the power and beauty of his art, and inspired students to write in ways that they had not previously tried.

Endre Farkas

Poet, English & Creative Writing Teacher, John Abbott College, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue,  QC

Noah Zacharin visited our music program with just his guitar, voice and undeniably honest songs and inspired our students to make songwriting the focus of their music education. Even one year later, students still remember and comment on his arresting performance and their small group interaction with him during his workshop. He is a compassionate teacher and also a ruthless editor, keeping his dialogue with teens balanced with just the right amount of encouragement and challenge, inspiring them to get down to work on their own songs and recordings.

 Jack Connolly

Instructor and Songwriter, Shawnigan Lake School, SLS Studios, Shawnigan Lake, BC