Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

Startle of Wings

a Startle cover final.jpg
a Startle cover final.jpg

Startle of Wings



NZ solo, singing and playing on a number of different guitars: arguably his most intimate

recording. Chronicling a particularly productive period in Zacharin’s songwriting life, this is a a

wide-ranging 71 minute-long collection exploring explores sex, love, despair, and redemption.

“...a beautiful album...rare to hear an album of solo vocal and guitar sound so full.”: Michael S Stock, WLRN

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Track List

1. Morning Comes On

2. One Time in 20

3. Wood & Wire

4. Over

5. Whatcha Wanna Tell Me

6. Small Town Novel

7. In Every Way

8. Starlings

9. No Oxygen

10. The First Dawn

11. Declare Your Love

12. Lay By My Side

13. Faint Footprint

14. Woke Like A Lark