Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician


okay I’ll be quiet I won’t say a word

anyway anything I say is something you’ve already heard

alright I’ll be quiet I’ll be a good little boy

there’s a bare branch wants my leaf and thread so you don’t want my joy

I won’t share my joy


he who dies last dies with the most stories to tell

you die with your boots on you can get away fast at the final bell

all around my window the dark calls so clearly

gonna keep my little light gonna keep it here with me

I won’t share my joy


I won’t share my joy with any flickering candle wick

I won’t beg you to listen that won’t make this beauty stick

I said I would be quiet now here’s where this path has led

you wanna feel the sunlight step in to my garden bed


kind of a resolute calm kind of a stickman grin

I kind of know what’s going on I’m sorry ‘bout your broken wing

you say apples and oranges I say delicious tangerine

I see you haven’t got the time for all the things my hands have seen

I won’t share my joy


though my mouth may fill with bees my heart be a knot of asps

I will not speak a single one I only speak when I am asked

I said I would be quiet I mean what I say

credo of the echo is live to sing another day


okay I’ll be… I won’t say…






music and lyrics © Noah Zacharin