Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

In Love Again


look at the stars up above

they are no one else’s stars

they watch us making love

and the birds will sing

when it’s morning again

and they think that we’re in love again


you know the way the pale heart sings

so mournfully ‘til suddenly

it finds its wings

flies from branch to branch

to celebrate a second chance

thinks that we’re in love again


what a little mystery you’ve become

your canvas is a dozen shades of blue

and where sweet mystery did you come from

where do you go when you slip from view


on this cool night come lie with me

where shadow and moonlight

weave in harmony

and remember back when

it was all before remembering

and think that we’re in love again

don’t you think that we’re in love again





music and lyrics © Noah Zacharin