Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

Waiting On Your Love

I wake at the crack and the creak and the least of sounds

hammer my heart shut and hope the dark will take us down

it’s not that I’m alone

I am not alone

only sometimes I think I was made to wear that crown


cause I’m a broken nail and a tale of treachery

a stroke of lightning and a kite caught in a tree

a fine knife edge a madman on the ledge

the lover looking for the lover looking for me


still waiting on

waiting on your love

I’m still waiting on

waiting on your love


I’m a Calder junkyard sculpture draped in skin

totaled sum of all the people I have been

and if I forget a night a name

the noises she made when she came

I’ll remember in the right light right wind


won’t you lead me won’t you lead me to your door

see I’ve been there so many times before

with a loosened belt a shining emerald ring

raven round my neck with a radiant wing


still waiting on…


those birds that you sent singing: let me in

they tap on the glass sing: let me tell you where I been

past rooms where the nearly-buried howl the newly-coupled moan

we’re all just looking for a home on the head of a pin


it’s been so long so very long

been so long so very very very long

now I'm a half an ounce of habit from your doorstep

a fool as I paper-cut my heart on song


still waiting…




Words and Music © Noah Zacharin