Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

Feel Like a Jukebox

(with the Record Scratched)

I sometimes think my luck should change 'cause I stand up here on stage

boot-heels tapping the rhythm of the sad and the sweet love songs I play

I sometimes wish my heart could ring clearer than the guitar string

'cause I'm not common' through 'cause I know when I go I'll be going home alone again


and I feel like a jukebox with the record scratched

singing' th', singing' th' singing' the same damn lines

won't someone take me home

won't someone hold me warm

won't someone lie to me and whisper tonight they're mine


I always watch the lovely faces planted like seeds in the dark

and wonder which one will grow a flower of love to place in my heart

but I always catch the wilting of smiles the fading of interested eyes

as soon as I'm done with all of my songs and they turn the house-lights up bright


and I feel like a jukebox…


now I try to figure the reason why I get silence for a lullaby

and hands of the deepest darkness to hold me and rock me into the night

I try to whistle and believe a change comes like a wave to sweep me away

but the tide ebbs faster than the speed of sound and the moo begins to flicker and fade


and I feel like a jukebox…



Noah Zacharin