Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

Gonna Drown

something ‘bout the mood I’m in

see the sun sinking down

something ‘bout some place I wanna go

on the dark side of town


washed up here all thirsting

got some splinters got some nails

I got a message in a bottle

only love can fix the hull and fill the sails


I’m gonna drown my sorrows in whiskey

gonna drown that whiskey in beer

gonna drown my aching head for an hour or two

in anyone who is near


like an ancient zen brass bell

the sodden heart does ring

and all the secrets you can’t bear to tell

are so easy to song


gonna drown…


sipping on kerosene

chewing on coal

I’m gonna slow dance with all the wrong I’ve done

I’m gonna grind it into gold


gonna drown…



words and music Noah Zacharin