Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

Lester Brown

bowler and a tie

silk and satin guy

fine italian shoes it's lester brown

you hear the ladies sigh

you know the reason why

word is out lester's back in town


and when he walks by

twirls a stick and winks an eye

the ladies blush like springtime on the rose

steaming apple pie

evening drawing nigh

won't be long before the sunset hour glows




there’s a sweet magnolia breeze

catbirds in the trees

a little sugar with your lemonade

you can curtsey if you please

hear the cornet melody

lester's back on the basin street parade


and when he walks past

it happens all so fast

he lights ‘em up like match to gasoline

and the setting sun's outclassed

at how that lester lasts

dusk to dawn he shines on New Orleans




Words and Music © 2016 Noah Zacharin