Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

Ten Tons of Road

there's a blue cloth on the table

a pint or two to hold it down

you know how the wind blows wild

in the dim light of this town

there's a pair of hands I've held

a pair of eyes in which I've drowned

where's the paradise I've been shaken in

when love made the sirens sound


ten tons of road beneath my wheels

a million miles of skies above

cannot take me far enough

to ever forget our love


I keep a couple of pieces of gravel

in the heel of my left shoe

they remind me as I travel

of each step I took away from you

there's a carving in an old oak tree

my sweet edge pen-knife made

where are you my darling

it's cold here in the shade


ten tons…


now the tulips they are opening

as the daffodil begins to wilt

the crocus it's just history

see this house I've built

I wanna know everything

I wanna love everyone

and when you come to me and my money's gone

I'll buy you drinks with gold of the sun


ten tons…



Noah Zacharin