Noah Zacharin

Master Guitarist and Musician

Do You Love (Is That Enough)

mary mary come to the phone

your boy’s calling you collect

mirages and dunes ephemeral blooms

thinks there’s only echoes left


I got his voice his hands and his smile

where’s the rest of that good man gone

been walking the valley of the shadowy mile

since I saw the soul slip from his skin


now everyone reminds me of someone else

do you love?

do you love?

everyone reminds me of someone else

and if you love is that enough?


fingers stagger towards a melody line

got no thumb for the green

it’s a man of straw doused in sour wine

fears he may forget what the sparrows mean


now everyone…


morning morning set the table again

been taking my tea in the dark

no sugar no cream just one bad dream

goes on beyond the clock’s sharp bark                                  


now everyone…








words and music ©2019 Noah Zacharin

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